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How to link Feedburner RSS with MODX

Step by step guide on how to create RSS in MODX or use Feedburner and link it to MODX

1. First create blank new page with the following settings:

  • Show in menu? No
  • Container? No
  • Rich Text? No
  • Searchable No
  • Cacheable No
  • Empty Cache? Yes
  • Content Type text/xml – ! Important


2. Add Ditto call in your newly created page
example call:

 [[Ditto? &parents=`2,5,4` &format=`rss` &summarize=`20`
 &total=`20` &tpl=`rss_tpl`]]

where parents=`2,5,4` are the ID’s of the parents of the documents you would like to include in your RSS, and tpl=`rss_tpl` is a chunk template name we will create in next step.

3. Create new chunk and name it rss_tpl

        <description><![CDATA[ [+introtext+] ]]></description>
        <guid isPermaLink="false">[(site_url)][~[+id+]~]</guid>

4. Add reference to your RSS in <head> of your template:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="[(site_name)] RSS feed"

where href=”[~24~]” is an ID of the page with the Ditto call (from step 1)

5. To give your visitors an oppportunity to subscribe to your feed – put a RSS icon image anywhere on your website and link it to the document we created in step 1. So it could look like:

<a href="[~24~]" title="RSS Feed"><img src=".../images/icons/rss.png" alt="RSS"/></a>

If you’d like to see how many subscribers you have – use Feedburner, so  instead of linking to your MODX rss document like above, link  to your Feedburner url (you need to create Feedburner account first):

<a href="" title="RSS Feed">
<img src=".../images/icons/rss.png" alt="RSS"/></a>

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